Tractor Trailer overturns on the I-40-I-24 Split….. Hauling Turkeys!

The WC DART Team was called by the TN Department of Agriculture to assist with 500 Turkeys being hauled in an overturned Tractor Trailer. The Turkeys were removed from the accident site by Metro Animal Control Officers, TN Dept. of Ag staff and EMA. The Turkeys were brought to Metro Animal Care and Control. Wilson Co DART assisted the staff unloading the Turkeys into the Shelter awaiting Transport back to the Turkey Farm…..and again loading the Turkeys into the Transport Semi.

Adrienne and Kim came up with a “Fireman’s Sling” to carry the Turkeys ! Which made carrying the 50 lb birds safer and easier for all involved plus expedited the loading of the birds!

Metro Animal Control did an exceptional job helping the Turkeys!

Thank you to ALL the WC DART Volunteers who assisted with this operation !

WC DART has a Busy Day assisting animals in Wilson County

The WC DART Team received a call from WEMA Dispatch reporting a 300 pound Pot Belly Pig was stuck in a sump pump hole in a yard under construction. When Laurie Adams arrived on the scene, Itty was definitely stuck in a hole!!! Using a Tow-Strap, Itty was pulled to safety! The Family and WC DART Team was so happy to see Itty running around the yard normally once again! Thank you to all the volunteers who responded to the call: Adrienne Molteni, Laurie Adams, Brian and Rebecca Partridge, Alison Benton Kim Bradley and Julie Hutchison

After the Team returned home, a second call came in from WEMA Dispatch – “A Dog with her head stuck in a car engine” Wilson Co Animal Control had requested WC DART handle this call. Adrienne Molteni and Julie Hutchison responded to the call… There was a white female Pit Bull with her head stuck in a Truck engine- the result of chasing mice!! The homeowner said “The Donkeys alerted her to the situation, they were quite upset while looking at the Truck.” When she came over to investigate she found Mattie in this predicament. After a little adjusting and wiggling – Mattie was free, with only a scratch to her head. Really happy to see Mattie, the family greeted her with love and hugs! Adrienne and I were happy to see a happy ending to a one of a kind request!

Giving Tuesday 2020

Please support Wilson Co DART Association on this Giving Tuesday!!! The Donate Button is on our FaceBook Page and here on the website under the Donate Tab!

2020 has brought many challenges to fundraising ! WC DART is looking forward to 2021, in hopes of returning to “Normal” Fundraising again!

September is Disaster Preparedness Month!

Do You Have a GO-KIT? Do you have a Disaster Plan in Place for YOU and Your Animals? Could you evacuate in a moments notice?  If you answered No to any of these questions- take a look around at the WC DART website for helpful tips!

The Wilson Co DART Team met this past Sunday Afternoon at The WEMA Training Center, to Prepare and Organize the WC DART Trailers and move excess equipment to Storage!

The Team is Prepared for the next Deployment ! Equipment is organized for the next Disaster Response,  when the call comes in….

Thank you to all the Volunteers : Claudia, Julie, Larry. Julie, Breanna, Lora, Adrienne, Warren and Allen!

WC DART Team assists the Humane Society of the United States with Sheltering Operations

The WC DART Team was deployed by WEMA, requested by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), to assist with Sheltering Operations of dogs being evacuated inland, avoiding the impact of Hurricane Laura. The dogs were being transported to placement partners,  freeing up a Shelter from Gulfport, MS. The Team did a GREAT job, Sheltering, Walking, Feeding and loading/unloading for transport to safety moving onto North Carolina!

Thank you to WEMA, the Humane Society of the United States and the Wilson Co Disaster Animal Response Team!

WC DART working Behind the Scenes During the Pandamic

The Wilson Co DART Association Board of Directors and the WC DART Team Leaders have been holding VIRTUAL Meetings on the free ZOOM App. The Board of Directors have been working hard at keeping Fundraising going during the Pandemic as the Team has not been able to host the usual Tractor Supply Dog Washes and participate in social activities as they have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Check out Kroger and Amazon Smile and choose Wilson Co DART Association as your favorite charity and every time you make a purchase proceeds go to Team!!! Follow Us On Facebook- there is a Link you can sign up for at the Top of the Page. From NOW until the END of the Year every FRIDAY is $5 Friday!!! You donate $5 to the WC DART Association and SHARE the Post with 5 of your friends!!! These activities can fund the Team in the absence of ” in person” community fundraising!!!!
Last evening, the Team Leaders met on the Zoom App for a Virtual Meeting and put into place a plan for Future Training Meetings, Deployment and Implementation of Personal Protective Equipment- PPE’s! Thank you to all who keep WC DART the outstanding Disaster Respose Team that it is!

WC DART assists with Pasture Clean Up, helping Farmer and his Cows!

WC DART went out Saturday March 21st to assist with Tornado Clean Up in Hay Fields and Cow Pastures at a Farm in the Tucker’s CrossRoads Area, per request. The fields were littered with Insulation, Metal pieces,  Roof shingles, etc. from the March 3 tornadoes which touched down in Middle TN.  Mail discovered in the pasture had a zip code marked 37211 !  The Team was happy to get to help a Farmer and his Cows in need.

Donations all the way from OHIO!!!

Alisha and Sabrina traveled from north of the Columbus area to Middle TN to help And support WC DART with supplies for Disaster Response from the March 3 rd Tornadoes !!! Rebecca, Julie and Allen, WC DART Volunteers assisted with unloading and organizing all the Donations!!!  Thank you VERY Much!!!

WC DART Disaster Response


The Wilson Co DART Team has been doing an outstanding job keeping Wilson County Safe and caring for the People and their Pets since the Tornado made landfall on Tuesday March 3, 2020.

Tuesday 3/3/2020 the Team went out to Peyton Rd to assist 4 horses trapped in a collapsed Barn. When Teresa Fuller arrived onsite the owners already had the horses out and safe, until transported to a friends house. Paula and I went to all the RedCross Shelters making sure the Animals had what they needed. There were 2 Beagles we provided crates for. 2 Bearded dragons were at a tornado Victims home – they were unsure of their status when we spoke- Jay was on standby to assist.

Wednesday, WC DART had a Planning Meeting at Ruby Tuesday…Adrienne and Matthew, equipped with Muscle and Chain saw started on the Cedar Grove Cemetery Clean up.

Thursday, WCDART assisted with Cedar Grove Cemetery Clean Up. Made friends with Lowe’s manager Stephen- and had a hot BBQ FREE lunch! Lowe’s provided graspers for trash pick up- sure made our job easier!!! Thank you Lowe’s!

Friday, Myla and Allen Snyder checked on the Red Cross Shelters evaluating animal needs, taking a census- No new admissions No animal needs and the Beagles went home from the Mount Juliet ARC Shelter

Saturday- The Team participated in New Leash on Life’s 5K to collect donations for the Disaster Victims. The Team collected Dog Food, Cat Food, leashes, bowls and some crates , Gift Cards and $50 cash. The team had lunch at Rehab 23, where Cris Teal, WC DART and Rehab 23 volunteer,  was working providing meals and a place to chill and charge cell phones.
AS the Team took donations back to the New DART Storage space- The Call came in from Captain Cowan- WC DART has permission to Canvass Wilson County on Saturday and the Cities of Lebanon and Mt Juliet assessing animal needs of the communities.
I touched base Saturday night with Stephanie Cox, Director of Mt Juliet Animal Control and WC DART Team member. She called me back Sunday morning reporting that Mt Juliet’s 2 neighborhoods hit are not having animal issues. The neighborhoods are affluent and do not need assistance. The animals running at large had been contained by animal control and reunited with owners within hours! Give a shout out to Mt Juliet Animal Control doing a fabulous job keeping their City safe!

Sunday-3/9/2020  The Team canvassed the City of Lebanon and found a Cat Lady in need of food, litter, pee pads for her 15 cats which the WC DART Team provided a generous supply of each. While the Team was stopped assisting the Cat Lady, a Veteran approached us requesting assistance at a Veterans home in the City of Lebanon….the Team went by and assessed- they lost all their food supplies when they lost power….WC DART provided Gift Cards (collected at the 5K) to Publix, Kroger, Sonic and VISA Cash Cards totaling $575.00 . Dog food for the Seeing Eye Dog and 2 cats and personal care and cleaning items also collected at the 5k.
Some of The Team concluded the search of the city at O’Charley’s on HWY 231 who charged us 1/2 price for our lunch! Thank you to OCharley’s!
Thank you to WC DART for your support and love for Wilson Co !


Wilson Co DART assists with Community Clean Up at Cedar Grove Cemetery

Tuesday March 3, 2020, in the middle of the night, Several tornadoes hit middle Tennessee, on the ground covering 53 miles traveling down I-40! 140-170+ Mph winds struck our community. Recovery is now taking shape in the aftermath .

Today Wilson Co DART went to the Cedar Grove Cemetery….large old trees are uprooted, and gravestones toppled. The Team came in and assisted other volunteers clear trees and clean up.