WC DART Training Day! June 15, 2019

Wilson Co. DART gathered for an all day of Training. The Team participated in Animal Behavior Class, which started the day off- presented by Lora Holcomb, WC DART Companion Animal Coordinator. Then Bill & Rebecca Rowland and Sheldon Dreaddy, Vanderbilt Life Flight hosted Wilderness Medicine Class- the Team learned how to respond to incidents and accidents in the field. After a cook out and pot luck lunch the Team gathered for  Search and Rescue, Radio Operations, Knot Tying and Incident Command Classes by Constable Tom Dallas, LaFayette Animal Control Officer. The day wrapped up with the Equine Rescue Sling Demo, Equine Handling presented by Kim Bradley, WC DART Equine Coordinator. Equine Massage Demo by Chelbie Engle, Southern Comfort Equine Massage.

The WC DART Equipment Trailers were on site and used for Training. The AKC Reunite Trailer on site for tours and equipment use.

Thank you to all who participated in WC DART Training Day! A special thank you to Putnam Co DART who attended Training Day! It was a Great Turn Out!

WC DART at Bark in the Park

WC DART supports New Leash on Life – Lebanon’s local Shelter- at Bark in the Park on Saturday May 11, 2019. Thank you to all who came out to say Hello to the Team and a Big thank you to WC DART Volunteers who have been at Bark in the Park, several years running!  Denver has been the WC DART mascot always sporting a new hair style from Lora Holcomb, groomer and co-chair of WC DART’s Bark Booth. Thank you to Adrienne Molteni, co-chair and Pam Shemwell, Cris Teal, Karla Clark, Julie Grace, Jennifer Young, Kim Bradley, Laurie Adams/ Sully and Claudia Richardson for making Bark a success for WC DART!  The AKC Reunite WC DART Disaster Response Trailer was on site for folks to take a look at and for WC DART to express appreciation to the Nashville Kennel Club for the Grant for the Trailer!


WC DART assisted Macon Co. Animal Control Officer, Jamie Weekley, Lafayette Animal Control Officer, Tom Dallas, and Macon Co. Sheriff’s Department and EMA, in evacuating 38 Husky, Beagle and mixes, from a hoarding situation. The dogs were Sheltered and cared for by the Macon Co Animal Control and WC DART. WCDART sponsored the rescue operation, through a Mutual Aid Agreement.

WC DART Photos with Santa!

Thank you to all who came out to support the WC DART Team! Sugar Glyder, Monkey, Cat, Dogs and Families with Little Children!

Thank you to all the Volunteers who came out to make Photos with Santa a success! Kim,Julie,  Lee Ann, Jennifer, Teddy, Andrew, Lora, Breanna, Linda, Lita, Laurie, Karla and Paula

A special Thanks to Santa and Claudia Richardson, WC DART Team Photographer  and Deborah Mayson, Assistant WC DART Photographer ! All have done an outstanding job and made this fundraiser so successful!



Wilson Co DART will be at Tractor Supply in Lebanon TN, on November 17, 2018 with SANTA from 9:30 till 12 noon……Come on out and bring the family and furry family! Claudia Richardson, WCDART Photographer will be on site taking Christmas photos. You will be all set for the Holidays with your festive photos and helping support the WC DART Team, we are asking for a $5 Donation.



WC DART at Bark in the Park!

Come on out to the James E Ward Ag Center to support NLOL and say Hello to the Team! WC DART will be onsite with the WCDART AKC Reunite Disaster Response Trailer. See you there!

WC DART at the County Music Cluster


The Country Music Cluster, one of the largest AKC Events in the state of TN., runs Thursday March 8 – Sunday March 11, 2018 at the Williamson Co Expo Center. WC DART will be onsite Saturday and Sunday from 10-3 pm, along with the DART/ AKC Reunite Trailer parked at the entryway, so all who enter can admire WC DART’s outstanding Grant from our Local AKC Groups!

C’mon out and enjoy the show, say Hello to the Team…It’s a lot of fun and it is a great way to say Thank You to the AKC for the Trailer Grant!

The DART AKC Reunite Trailer holds enough equipment to accommodate 100 Companion animals, in a disaster situation! Residents in TN and Wilson Co. can sleep soundly knowing our animals will be well taken care of,in the event of a disaster situation !

Disaster Preparedness/Livestock

Taking Precautions for Protecting Livestock
Be prepared in the event of an emergency

From : The Humane Society of the United States
The following is a list of suggestions we recommend to help keep your livestock safe during an emergency.
Make a disaster plan to protect your property, your facilities, and your animals. Create a list of emergency telephone numbers, including those of your employees, neighbors, veterinarian, state veterinarian, poison control, local animal shelter, animal care and control, county extension service, local agricultural schools, trailering resources, and local volunteers.
Include a contact person outside the disaster area. Make sure all this information is written down and that everyone has a copy.
Make sure every animal has durable and visible identification.
Ensure that poultry have access to high areas in which to perch, if they are in a flood-prone area, as well as to food and clean water.
Make a disaster plan to protect your property, your facilities, and your animals.
Reinforce your house, barn, and outbuildings with hurricane straps and other measures. Perform regular safety checks on all utilities, buildings, and facilities on your farm.
Use only native and deep-rooted plants and trees in landscaping (non-native plants are less durable and hardy in your climate and may become dislodged by high winds or broken by ice and snow).
Remove all barbed wire, and consider rerouting permanent fencing so that animals may move to high ground in a flood and to low-lying areas during high winds.
Install a hand pump and obtain enough large containers to water your animals for at least a week (municipal water supplies and wells are often contaminated during a disaster).
Identify alternate water and power sources. A generator with a safely stored supply of fuel may be essential, especially if you have electrical equipment necessary to the well being of your animals.
Secure or remove anything that could become blowing debris; make a habit of securing trailers, propane tanks, and other large objects. If you have boats, feed troughs, or other large containers, fill them with water before any high wind event. This prevents them from blowing around and also gives you an additional supply of water.
If you use heat lamps or other electrical machinery, make sure the wiring is safe and that any heat source is clear of flammable debris.
Label hazardous materials and place them all in the same safe area. Provide local fire and rescue and emergency management authorities with information about the location of any hazardous materials on your property.
Remove old buried trash—a potential source of hazardous materials during flooding that may leech into crops, feed supplies, water sources, and pasture.
Review and update your disaster plan, supplies, and information regularly.

Wilson Co.DART celebrates 11 years of service, Feb 8, 2018

Joey Cooper, WEMA Director prvides the WCDART Team with 2way Radios! Captain Daniel Cowan programmed and gave an inservice on the Radios. The Team appreciates these Radios so much! Often disaster sites do not have cell service, making communication out in the field difficult. Now the Team can communicate more efficiently coordinating disaster response efforts. Thank you Director Cooper and Captain Cowan! They will be used at every training, deployment and events!