Wish List

Tactical Head Lamps

Quick Release Catch Pole- Amazon $100

 Hearing Protection and Hard Hats

Dog: Bowls, Leashes, Large and xl Transport Crates and XL Cages, Vet wrap

Cats: Traps; Tomahawk 32”-36”

Equine: Corral Panels x 5 , Lead ropes, Longe lines, Leg Wraps, and Buckets

Gift Cards: Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Gas, etc

CarPort for Trailer Storage

A Storage Space to store Equipment 

Livestock Trailer.

Animal Transport Trailer, 

Gloves, disposable and work



Rubber Apron

Portable Corral Panels

Leashes and Collars.

Flea Prevention

Hard Hats/Helmets 

Office Supplies:  3’ x  3’ Wipe Board-  Markers

Equipment  Storage Boxes from Lowes assorted sizes

Kennel panels 5, 10′

Rubber Boots, size 8 to 12.

TOYS! Cat, & Dog, Equine

Tool Set: Screw Drivers/variety, Pliers, Sledge Hammer

Air Compressor for Trailer Tires (Portable)

Printer Paper, Tape

Printer INK Cartridges: HP 952

Thank you, from WC DART Association!



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