All you need is a love for animals, be 18 years old, and all the training you need is provided through monthly training meetings and online classes.

WC DART Team members perform the following functions in Disaster Response:

-Emergency Animal Sheltering, for found animals along with sheltering companion animals of families displaced in the disaster.

-Provide accurate and detailed record keeping, as to care received, assessments and tracking information.

– Assist Law Enforcement with round ups, animals running at large, getting them off the roadways to safety.

WC DART Team members are expected to attend monthly meetings and participate in community events.

Completing FEMAs Independent Study Courses, listed below, will prepare you for TN State DART Credentialing Class, offered by TN Department of Agriculture, State Veterinarian’s Office.

FEMA IS-100. Introduction to ICS, Incident Command System

FEMA IS- 200 Incident Command System for Single Resources/ Initial Action

FEMA IS -700 An Intro to National Incident Management System (NIMS)

FEMA IS -800 National Response Framework Intro.

As you complete the IS Classes, Print off the Completion Certificate to take to Credentialing Class. Keep one copy for your records also.