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Photos with Santa this Saturday!

WC DART Christmas Party!

The Team gathered at O’Charley’s Restaurant in Lebanon,TN. Shelley, our server went above and beyond to assure the Team had a great time! This year, Country K-9 Rescue was the group the Team sponsored, as they contribute so much for the animals in Wilson and surrounding counties. A donation of animal supplies and lots of Cat food for the feral cat colonies they support year round! Thank you Country K9 for ALL you do for the Animals!!!

The evening came to an end after a wicked game of Dirty Santa! A Good time was had by all. This was a great opportunity to visit and appreciate our Team ! Thank you WC DART for ALL you do for the Animals!

CODE 3 Associates’ RAM Class for WC DART!

What an awesome Ropes and More (RAM) Training Day with Code 3 Associates! Sunday October 16th, at the WEMA Training Center, the WC DART Team and Putnam County DART, spent a full day, training with the best of the best! The Team learned how to properly use Ropes, Knots and Techniques in Companion and Large Animal Response, making the team sharper in technical assistance! Thank you to all who attended! Thank you Code 3! Thank you to the Wilson County DART Association Directors for breakfast and lunch!


In preparation for CODE 3 Associates Training, this Sunday, WC DART held an INTRO TO KNOTS CLASS, to learn the basics knot techniques. Ray Alley came in and showed the Team a variety of basic knots to enhance our Ropes and More Class. This was awesome!!! The Team enjoyed learning and Mr Alley was an outstanding instructor. Thank you to Mr Alley and to all who came out for this fabulous class!

Code 3 Associates hosting a Training Class for WC DART Sunday, October 16th, 2022!

Code 3 Associates is coming to the WEMA Training Center on Sunday October 16th for a day long Training on Ropes and More…. This is a great opportunity for WC DART a to train and learn from the BEST of the BEST in Disaster Response !

Hands on animal rescue training class provides the best working practices for large and small and animal rescue techniques.  This course covers rope terminology, common knots, and their applications. Students receive experience in practical animal rescue scenarios utilizing proper animal handling techniques, harnessing systems and extraction techniques for low angle rope rescue.

The Dog Wash at Tractor Supply!

A BIG Thank you to all who came out to support the WC DART Team! The volunteers did a fabulous job at Tractor Supply in Lebanon, washing a wide variety of dogs at Saturday’s Dog Wash! Proceeds fund the Team to continue our mission- Keeping animals safe in disaster situations! Thank you to Tractor Supply for their continued support…… Please look for WC DART at TSC on November 19th for Photos with Santa!

Dog Wash at Tractor Supply!

Come out and support the WC DART Team!!!

WC DART Hosts a DOG WASH at Tractor Supply this Saturday June 18th 10am-2pm- $10 minimum donation

C’mon out to the Dog Wash at Tractor Supply this Saturday and support the WC DART Team!!!

The Guardian Martial Arts Studio hosts Self Defense Class for WC DART

Warren and Julie Grace hosted a Self Defense Class for the WC DART Team at the Guardian Studio in Lebanon Tn. Road conditions were not the best, due to 3-4” of snowfall the night before, but the Instructors and Team made it in for a great class. Warren and Julie are outstanding instructors and make learning fun! Most of all, taught the Team how to be safe in bad situations, as, safety is our number 1 priority! Thank you to all who came out to participate! Thank you to Warren and Julie Grace for a great class! We are looking forward to the next training!

WC DART 2022

The New Year is off to a busy start for the WC DART Team!! In the midst of the January 6th Snowfall which caused stand still traffic on the main roads and people were advised to stay home….a call came in from WEMA’s Dispatcher, Adam- requesting assistance for a horse who fell through a cattle grate in Watertown… The snow continuing to fall, the mare was shivering and covered with our WC DART Jackets as the Grate was removed, and Reba the Quarter Horse was lifted out with a tractor and tow ropes, and assisted to stand up. Reba and her owner walked her back to the barn. The Vet came and assed her the next day and reported Horses with this type of incident, usually have fracture (s) and Reba was in good shape and got a good report!

3/4/2022 The Department of Agriculture requested WC DART to assist with a Sheep and 2 lambs running at large beneath I-40 – WEMA approved, and the Team set out to evaluate the situation ….

The sheep and her lambs when they felt threatened, would run for safety to higher ground which meant they seemed to like being under the overpass, running towards westbound traffic, of I-40, to escape pursuit. The owner caught the Sheep, leaving the 2 lambs at large…..Luckily Miss Jane, the neighbor had a kind heart and would feed them every morning at 6:15 am. At first, unsuccessful to catch the lambs, due to lack of daylight and really fassst lambs… the Plan was set to return in the morning at 5:45 am to get in place to trap the lambs when they come to feed at 6:15. The mother Sheep was brought back to the feeding station, placed in a XL cage with a rope attached to the door…..The Mother sheep called to her young lambs and they called back ….working their way to her side…..Miss Jane pulled that rope and the door closed as planned. The Team secured the gate, then assisted with transferring the sheep and lambs to their rides home ! Miss Jane, The owners and WC DART did a great job!!! Thank you!