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Photos with Santa at Tractor Supply!

Thank you to all who came out to the Lebanon TSC for Photos with Santa, supporting the Wilson County DART Association! A great day was had by all, Santa enjoyed returning to TSC to support his favorite DART Team, once again! The folks at TSC were more than helpful, they made it on Santa’s Nice List this Christmas!! As did Claudia Richardson, Photographer, and our friends Seena and Dan from Channel 5 News!

WC DART at Bark in the Park!

Come out Saturday to support our friends at New Leash on Life, and be sure and stop by and say hello to the WC DART Team and check out the WC DART/ AKC Disaster Animal Response Trailer.

WC DART Deploys to Waverly Tn., by request of the Humane Society of the United States

Heavy rainfall, leading to 17 inches of rainfall in less than 2 hours, caused flash flooding in the city of Waverly Tn. A wall of water, 7’ high went through a residential area of this beautiful community, displacing humans and their animals. Loss of Life was imminent, as there was no warning of this unpredicted storm.

The Humane Society of the United States, reached out to the Wilson County Disaster Animal Response Team to assist the Waverly Animal Shelter with Donation Management as well as Emergency Sheltering operations and Animal Care. The out pour of donations was amazing, support was coming in locally and from all over the United States!

Thank you to the Waverly Animal Shelter, we made friends both human and animals, we will never forget!
Thank you to the HSUS for this opportunity to assist!

Wilson Co DART Association Team Picnic

Thank you to all who sponsored the event! Lora, Breanna and Orville, chefs, The Board of Directors- Windy, Linda, Lita, Laurie, Debbie and Julie. And to all the Team members- Thank you for your outstanding service!
Thank you to Dogingham Palace Rescue! Entertainer Danny McCorkle, added so much to the celebration with his talent and exceptional voice! A good time was had by all!


The WC DART Team Picnic

Sunday, August 22,2021. The Wilson County DART Association Board of Directors, is hosting a picnic for the WC DART Team and their families & Friends. Expressing appreciation for our family’s sacrifice while the Team is deployed. Appreciation for the dedicated volunteers who make up the WC DART Team, who have responded to the Wilson County Tornadoes, several deployments and achieved extensive Training prior to the pandemic, in addition to CPR, CERT, NWS Spotter, and Florida State Online Sheltering Certification !


WC DART assisted with Calf extraction from Sink Hole

The Wilson Co DART Team was called by WEMA at 7:32am to respond to help a calf get out of a pit! The pit was a sink hole, and the calf had worked her way down and back in the … Continue reading

Tractor Trailer overturns on the I-40-I-24 Split….. Hauling Turkeys!

The WC DART Team was called by the TN Department of Agriculture to assist with 500 Turkeys being hauled in an overturned Tractor Trailer. The Turkeys were removed from the accident site by Metro Animal Control Officers, TN Dept. of Ag staff and EMA. The Turkeys were brought to Metro Animal Care and Control. Wilson Co DART assisted the staff unloading the Turkeys into the Shelter awaiting Transport back to the Turkey Farm…..and again loading the Turkeys into the Transport Semi.

Adrienne and Kim came up with a “Fireman’s Sling” to carry the Turkeys ! Which made carrying the 50 lb birds safer and easier for all involved plus expedited the loading of the birds!

Metro Animal Control did an exceptional job helping the Turkeys!

Thank you to ALL the WC DART Volunteers who assisted with this operation !

WC DART has a Busy Day assisting animals in Wilson County

The WC DART Team received a call from WEMA Dispatch reporting a 300 pound Pot Belly Pig was stuck in a sump pump hole in a yard under construction. When Laurie Adams arrived on the scene, Itty was definitely stuck in a hole!!! Using a Tow-Strap, Itty was pulled to safety! The Family and WC DART Team was so happy to see Itty running around the yard normally once again! Thank you to all the volunteers who responded to the call: Adrienne Molteni, Laurie Adams, Brian and Rebecca Partridge, Alison Benton Kim Bradley and Julie Hutchison

After the Team returned home, a second call came in from WEMA Dispatch – “A Dog with her head stuck in a car engine” Wilson Co Animal Control had requested WC DART handle this call. Adrienne Molteni and Julie Hutchison responded to the call… There was a white female Pit Bull with her head stuck in a Truck engine- the result of chasing mice!! The homeowner said “The Donkeys alerted her to the situation, they were quite upset while looking at the Truck.” When she came over to investigate she found Mattie in this predicament. After a little adjusting and wiggling – Mattie was free, with only a scratch to her head. Really happy to see Mattie, the family greeted her with love and hugs! Adrienne and I were happy to see a happy ending to a one of a kind request!

Giving Tuesday 2020

Please support Wilson Co DART Association on this Giving Tuesday!!! The Donate Button is on our FaceBook Page and here on the website under the Donate Tab!

2020 has brought many challenges to fundraising ! WC DART is looking forward to 2021, in hopes of returning to “Normal” Fundraising again!

September is Disaster Preparedness Month!

Do You Have a GO-KIT? Do you have a Disaster Plan in Place for YOU and Your Animals? Could you evacuate in a moments notice?  If you answered No to any of these questions- take a look around at the WC DART website for helpful tips!

The Wilson Co DART Team met this past Sunday Afternoon at The WEMA Training Center, to Prepare and Organize the WC DART Trailers and move excess equipment to Storage!

The Team is Prepared for the next Deployment ! Equipment is organized for the next Disaster Response,  when the call comes in….

Thank you to all the Volunteers : Claudia, Julie, Larry. Julie, Breanna, Lora, Adrienne, Warren and Allen!