WC DART assisted with Calf extraction from Sink Hole

The Wilson Co DART Team was called by WEMA at 7:32am to respond to help a calf get out of a pit! The pit was a sink hole, and the calf had worked her way down and back in the sink hole- 20’’ deep. The Team was notified of the situation via the Telegram App. Laurie Adams, Dulcie Seiders and Lora Holcomb on standby, while Julie and Fred Hutchison and Julie and Warren Grace Responded, to assess the situation.

It took 45 minutes to clear brush and locate the calf. Warren assisted the farmer in the sink hole apply the extraction ropes and tow rope needed to pull the calf up and out of the sink hole, with a tractor. As soon as the calf was freed from the extraction ropes, she immediately ran to her mother, waiting in a nearby pasture! No apparent injury noted!

The Farmer and his family were very helpful and supportive! Everyone was glad to see a Happy Ending to what could have been a bad situation. Thank you to the WC DART Volunteers

2 responses to “WC DART assisted with Calf extraction from Sink Hole

  1. You meant 20 feet, not 20 inches, right?Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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