WC DART has a Busy Day assisting animals in Wilson County

The WC DART Team received a call from WEMA Dispatch reporting a 300 pound Pot Belly Pig was stuck in a sump pump hole in a yard under construction. When Laurie Adams arrived on the scene, Itty was definitely stuck in a hole!!! Using a Tow-Strap, Itty was pulled to safety! The Family and WC DART Team was so happy to see Itty running around the yard normally once again! Thank you to all the volunteers who responded to the call: Adrienne Molteni, Laurie Adams, Brian and Rebecca Partridge, Alison Benton Kim Bradley and Julie Hutchison

After the Team returned home, a second call came in from WEMA Dispatch – “A Dog with her head stuck in a car engine” Wilson Co Animal Control had requested WC DART handle this call. Adrienne Molteni and Julie Hutchison responded to the call… There was a white female Pit Bull with her head stuck in a Truck engine- the result of chasing mice!! The homeowner said “The Donkeys alerted her to the situation, they were quite upset while looking at the Truck.” When she came over to investigate she found Mattie in this predicament. After a little adjusting and wiggling – Mattie was free, with only a scratch to her head. Really happy to see Mattie, the family greeted her with love and hugs! Adrienne and I were happy to see a happy ending to a one of a kind request!

One response to “WC DART has a Busy Day assisting animals in Wilson County

  1. Oh my goodness! Never a dull moment. Y’all should write a book.

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