Look for WC DART on FOX Weather Channel!

Disaster Preparedness for Animals isn’t complete without an AKC REUNITE TRAILER!
Back in 2015, the American Kennel Clubs came together to offer WC DART a grant which included a 16’ Box Trailer complete with enough supplies to house 100 companion animals in times of Disaster. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America , Inc., Nashville Kennel Club, Maury County Kennel Club, Clarksville Kennel Club, Tennessee Valley Kennel Club of Knoxville, Tn., Greater Murfreesboro Kennel Club and Tullahoma Kennel Club made this AKC REUNITE Grant possible!

Haley “Stormy” Meier, Fox Weather, interviewed the WC DART Team to further increase public awareness to evacuate with your pets in times of disaster. People will put themselves in harms way to keep their pets safe. The Human Animal Bond is so great, people would rather keep their pets in dangerous situations, unaware accommodations are provided for their pets, too! In 2006, President George Bush signed the Pets Act into law, stating provisions for humans and their pets must be provided for in order to receive federal funding post disaster.

Watch the Fox Weather Channel, on May 8th, 2023, for the Interview.

Thank you Laurie Adams, WC DART Photographer

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