TEMA Deploys WC DART to Lafayette, TN.

Sunday July 5, 2015, the call came in to TEMA from the Macon Co. EMA requesting assistance from the Wilson Co. DART Team to respond to Animal Control’s request for assistance after flash flooding left numerous families and animals displaced. Many families had to give up their pets as their lives were turned upside down very quickly. The flooding destroyed homes and even washed away a vehicle as the rains came on so fast and heavy.

Macon Co. Animal Control and Lafayette Animal Control were overwhelmed with the intake of animals and needed to do something with the overflow….that’s where WC DART came in.  The Team was on the ground in Macon Co. first thing Monday Morning, July 6, 2015 setting up an Overflow Shelter at the Macon Co. Fairgrounds. There people could find their lost pets or relinquish custody as they focussed on putting their lives back together.

Tom Dallas, Lafayette AC and Corey Lawrence, Macon Co. AC worked hard to help the residents of Macon Co. with their animals. Just when we thought we had a handle on the flooding animal victims, a call came in : People up and left their homes–2 mobile homes on 1 lot on the river..leaving behind 20 dogs due to severe flooding damage. The WC DART Team assisted AC with the round up and recovered 11!

All in all there were 75 animals rescued by AC. (42cats came from 1 mobile home), 33 animals came through the Overflow Shelter. When sheltering operations ceased today, July 13, 2015, all except 8 had been placed…and some of them were going to local rescues and fosters. If you are interested in adopting or fostering please contact Macon Co Animal Control or Lafayette Animal Control.

Thank you to all who made this Rescue/Sheltering Operation a success!

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