Cat Care!

Meet all of your cats needs by keeping them safe in your home! Kittens raised inside are apt to stay inside.

  • Create a Catio- a screened in Patio with different level perches to keep them busy. This is a safe and easy way to get fresh air and exercise
  • Microchip your cat, Incase of escape. Often micro chipping can be done at the same time you Spay or Neuter your cat!
  • Install a window perch so kitty can sun herself and watch the local wildlife. You may purchase an acrylic bird feeder with suction cups to attach to your outside window.
  • Plant Cat nip in a small pot for a special treat.
  • Allergies? Usually it is Kitty’s dander causing the sneezing and runny nose. Bathe your cat regularly or locate a cat groomer to keep dander down.
  • Training your cat to leash walk, may be a hobby you both would enjoy. Harnesses are made to fit cats to prevent escape and comfortable walking.
  • Play with your cat everyday! Small balls, fishing pole with An imitation bird on the end or a laser pointer could provide hours of fun, or just a few minutes.
  • Kitty should see a vet annually for a check up and to promote good health through prevention and early detection.
  • Have a picture taken of you and your cat- for quick identification in case of separation.
  • Teach your cat to sit, stay, lay down and Leash walk with positive reinforcement.
  • Do not use Mouse/Rat poison only safe traps to control rodents. Kitty may catch a rodent who ingested the poison and may have some adverse effects.
  • Now you and your cat are off to a long lasting relationship!