WC DART working Behind the Scenes During the Pandamic

The Wilson Co DART Association Board of Directors and the WC DART Team Leaders have been holding VIRTUAL Meetings on the free ZOOM App. The Board of Directors have been working hard at keeping Fundraising going during the Pandemic as the Team has not been able to host the usual Tractor Supply Dog Washes and participate in social activities as they have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Check out Kroger and Amazon Smile and choose Wilson Co DART Association as your favorite charity and every time you make a purchase proceeds go to Team!!! Follow Us On Facebook- there is a Link you can sign up for at the Top of the Page. From NOW until the END of the Year every FRIDAY is $5 Friday!!! You donate $5 to the WC DART Association and SHARE the Post with 5 of your friends!!! These activities can fund the Team in the absence of ” in person” community fundraising!!!!
Last evening, the Team Leaders met on the Zoom App for a Virtual Meeting and put into place a plan for Future Training Meetings, Deployment and Implementation of Personal Protective Equipment- PPE’s! Thank you to all who keep WC DART the outstanding Disaster Respose Team that it is!

2 responses to “WC DART working Behind the Scenes During the Pandamic

  1. I would be interested in your next training. We spoke briefly at the fair ground last summer where I was with L.O.A.L. Pet therapy booth.
    Jo Johnson

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    • Julie K Hutchison

      Thank you for your interest in WC DART !! New Volunteers are welcome! The next meeting is September 10th at 6:30 pm -7:30 pm – at the WEMA Training Center Parking Lot…the Team will meet out doors- social distancing applies, Masks Required.

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