DOG WASH at Tractor Supply Co. Lebanon TN

WC DART had a blast at the DogWash, Saturday, June 11, 2016. We met some really nice people with really great dogs! Thank you to Laurel Jensen who came up with this fundraiser for WC DART. Thank you to TSC for supporting WC DART and animals throughout Wilson Co. and Thank you to the volunteers who made this Dog Wash a success: Laurel Garnett Jensen, Stephanie and Jasmine Cox, Giselle and Ron Joins, Kim Bradley, Paula Applegate and Claudia Richardson, Photographer. Looking forward to the next Dog Wash!!!

One response to “DOG WASH at Tractor Supply Co. Lebanon TN

  1. DART Buds, I’m so sorry I’ve missed all the excitement and fun DART’s been having. I’m just sitting at home, feeling all sorry for myself. 🙂 I’m probably having spinal surgery soon, so til then, I won’t be able to help. Just wanted you to know I hadn’t abandoned you guys! Love, Suzy

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