August 7, 2014 WC DART Meeting at W H Neal Bldg

The WC DART Team will be meeting Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 6:30pm at the W.H. Neal Building for the finishing touches on the WC Fair! The Team will be signing up for the Demonstration and the WC DART Booth! Volunteers are needed for both the Demonstration which is Thursday August 21, 2014 in The All About Dogs Tent from 7-9 pm! The whole team is encouraged to participate!

The WC DART Team will have a booth at the Wilson Co Fair from Wednesday 8/20/14 through Saturday 8/21/14. Help is needed :

Wednesday 8/20/14  Set Up  in the All About Dogs Tent- starting at 2:30pm.  Wednesday 8/20/14  WC DART Booth 5-9pm.                                                   Thursday 8/21/14 WC DART Demonstration 7-9pm.                                          Thursday 8/21/14. WC DART Booth 5-9 pm.                                                         Friday 8/22/14. WC DART Booth 5-9pm.                                                             Saturday 8/23/14 WC DART Booth 12noon- 4:30.                                              Saturday 8/23/14 WC DART Booth 4:30 pm – close.                                                  Saturday 8/23/14 WC DART Booth Take Down,  9pm

Ideally 2-3 people should tend the WC DART Booth for each shift, to recruit new volunteers and get WC DART’s name out in the community.

Please email your availability to           Thank you!

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